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Lys & Ty

Lys and Ty review local products, beginning with the holiest of holies: beer.  Focusing on a different fermented malt beverage each day, they will give a wide range of brews both from their local areas as well as around the world. You know, for comparison and experience.  Mid-November, they will be adding wine to the mix, reviewing 1-4 bottles a month each on Wednesdays.  After that, who knows?  For right now, they’re enjoying the craft brew world enough to call it home for a while.

Alyssa (Lys) is a 20-something Wisconsin native, born and raised in Oshkosh (yes, b’Gosh).  She has called Madison, Tucson, and New York City her home over the years.  Now living in Southeast Phoenix with her fiance, she is waiting for her first house to be finished and hopes to move in by the end of the year and adopt some kittens.  Or a puppy, she’s not picky.  Lys loves photography, writing, animals, traveling, and Futurama.  Also, she would really like a job, but until then, she’s going to continue reviewing beer and enjoying the desert.  Lys’s current favorite beer style is Imperial/Double IPA.

Where to find Lys around the internet:


Ty is also a 20-something Wisconsin native, growing up in the central part of the state.  A recent college graduate, he has just picked up and moved close to Denver, Colorado for work.  He is an avid “vidja” gamer and will beat you in every challenge.  Seriously, don’t even bother.  He loves his cat, Pounce, and probably can’t wait to get back to Wisconsin for some great home-cooked meals.

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  1. Angela permalink
    November 19, 2010 8:17 am

    Good day Lys. I am trying to contact you on behalf of Prescott Brewing Company. Could you please email me, I have some questions regarding your review. We do appreciate your public review of our beer.

    Thank you.

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