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A New Beginning

December 31, 2010

Well, hey!  Remember me?  Yeah, I used to write a blog here about my adventures in craft beer.  The holidays, a new house, and an unfortunate series of events got in the way of my writing (but not my tasting…as is evident by my untappd account), but now I’ve had time to think that maybe this blog isn’t ever going to reach its full potential.  Ty and I started this blog to review a different set of things each month, hence the name The Monthly Daily, but after the first few brews, we decided to stay with hops and malts – because they’re just so damn delicious.  It started off strong, but now the name doesn’t make any sense and there’s no reason to live up to it, so I’m moving it somewhere it will feel more at home.  Starting the first of January (though the official first post won’t be until the third), my craft beer reviews will be written and posted at Drink Better Beer.  A far more superior name, don’t you think?  It’s got “beer” in the title and suggests that you try something other than that piss water sorry excuse for a brew everybody and their father has been sucking on.  Though if you’re reading this, you probably already know a whole lot about what makes craft beer crafty, so maybe you can just leave comments telling me what you think of my reviews/photos/spelling/etc or let me know what you thought of a beer if you’ve tried it. Anyway, this is just to let the three people that read this that I’m moving and I’d like you along for the new year, so update your readers or resubscribe with your email on the left side of the new blog’s page and we’ll restart this thing properly.

Have a happy New Year and I hope you’re (safely) drinking something strong that will leave 2010 as a distant memory while delectably ringing in 2011 !


Drink Better Beer

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